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Out with the old and In with the new

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Well, a nice update for you all…tomorrow Eva and myself are moving into our new downtown apartment! The last time I posted I was discussing my time searching for one and it’s great to know all of that is out of the way, Hello Yaletown neighbors!

Moving to a new place means packing up all of items. If you remember the old post on my closet or follow me in Instagram you know that my closet is an entire room… imagine fitting all of that into one small closet, it’s so not happening. So, I’ve had to downsize and I will have a ton to sell at the Vancouver Blogger Sale shortly. As I’m going through all of my items I’m finding pieces that bring back so many memories. The ones that tugged at me the most were all of my Las Vegas dresses from my very first trip there ever. That place feels like a second home for my girls and I, in fact Las Vegas is also the home for several poker tournaments. We went during the World Series Of Poker and my dresses from that trip were by far my favorite…. yes I did try them all on again while packing, no I am not ashamed and YES I will be selling some of them during the sale.

Speaking of, I could really use a trip to Vegas right now. The colder weather has got me wanting warmth and sun but at least it isn’t too cold out, I don’t need a jacket. I like the idea of mixing denim shades together, do you like my Canadian Tuxedo? I cuffed the bottom of my jeans to compliment the tone in the shirt and since denim can be a bit ‘blah’ I added hints of gold and the tangerine Chanel polish for that pop! Without the heels and bag this outfit can be a bit ‘yee-haw!’ so let’s hope I don’t go anywhere that I need to remove my fab heels.

Joe Fresh top | Club Monaco jeans and bag and pyramid ring | Sam Edelman heels | Value Village belt |
Social Experiment ring | Cake For Breakfast necklace c/o

photos by Leonie.

On a side note, I just had my hair cut by Mark McLeod from the Kore Salon in Vancouver. In a nutshell, hes seriously amazing! For the first time ever I’ve had my hair cut the way I want without barely saying what I wanted and I left the salon feeling like I needed to go out for drinks and enjoy my hair style. He travels back and forth between Vancity and New York at the Arrojo Salon (if you’re in NYC he goes by the name Hunter) so let’s all make an appointment with him shall we? What girl doesn’t want the hair stylist for Versace to do their hair? (check my instagram for photos)



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      I’m glad you like it! The necklace is Cake For Breakfast on Etsy, you should check it out!

      R xoxo

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