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The Unprecedented.


Welcome to my home – AGAIN! I have been busting to share these photos with everyone! Last February I teamed up for the second time with Tracey Ayton to bring you my latest home tour! The decor ...

Back to black

Oak + Fort tee | Forever 21 jeans | Evernew boots | TopShop sunglasses | Kitsch Place rings | Lia Sophia necklace Currently listening to: Panama – Always HUZZAH! This is the last outfit post bef ...

FEATURED: Van City Vogue

Remember that shoot I did a couple of months back for Van City Vogue? Well, it’s up! I’m pretty amped to share this one with everyone because it highlights some of my favourite spots in my ...

As casual as it gets

Lifetime Collective tee | Zara shorts | Aritzia jacket | Native Apollo sneakers | Madewell bracelets Currently listening to: Shakey Graves – Roll The Bones - Photos by Sarah Boland.

Whitney Krutzfeldt Bathtub Series

My dear friend Whitney Krutzfeldt is one of the most talented photographers I know. We first shot together back when I started I See Noise about 3 years ago. She shot my first major editorial for ISN ...

Leaving it to the stars

Zara tank | Club Monaco jacket | Aritzia coulottes | Dotti sandals | Topshop sunglasses | Kitsch Place rings | Madewell bracelets Currently listening to: Tycho – Apogee This post has been a long ...

GIVEAWAY: I See Noise x Keltie Leanne Designs

Happy April 1st everyone! I’m not really an April Fool’s kinda gal so instead of playing some tricks I’m offering up some prizes! I’ve teamed my I See Noise Prints up with Kelt ...

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I See Noise: DIY World Map Tracker


A few weeks ago (as you can tell with my longer hair) Alexandra Grant of To Vogue Or Bust and I spent the afternoon crafting up a fun DIY using the I See Noise World Map print. The two of us have been bit long ago by the wanderlust bug and wanted a way we can showcase our adventures in a form other than photos.

Ta-da! We present to you a cool way to track your travel destinations and display a pretty wicked piece in your home.

Head on over to BUSTLE to see more photos and our step by step instructions on how to create this yourself. You can purchase the World Map print in gold & silver HERE.

You can follow along on social media under the hash tag #ISNxTVOB.





Photos & video by Alexandra Grant.

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DIY: Holiday Gift Wrapping

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0709

The holidays are a major time for gift giving and those presents need to be wrapped! I don’t typically enjoy the every-year holiday gift wrapping that’s available in stores and the really nice ones can become quite expensive… just to wrap a present that you’ve already spent so much on.

This is where a DIY wrapping comes in. I’m a big fan of making my own wrapping paper and making it special from the moment they hold the package. Sure, the gift itself may be special but why not make the whole experience a special one? Or if the present doesn’t really have a “wow!” factor, you can showcase that with some awesome wrapping.

Here are two of my latest DIY wrapping ideas. Not only are these perfect for this time of year but can easily be used for any occasion.

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0896

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0877

DIY White wrapping paper

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0708

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0871

Splatter Paint Gift Wrapping

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0911

the-unprecedented.ca_Sarah Boland Photography-0916

To top off the perfect wrapping, I’ve created some foil I See Noise Prints holiday cards.

Photos by Sarah Boland.


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How To: Gallery Wall

With the help of Joanna Kado, my interior designer extraordinaire… I’ve learned the simple ways of putting together my very own gallery wall. Okay, simple is an understatement… it took us 2 hours and that’s not including putting images into the frames! It’s a lengthy process but if you know your steps you can do it quick enough but don’t forget to be precise.

Below are images from the gallery wall that I recently installed for my apartment, you can see the final look once the photos have been released of my apartment tour, can’t wait!

STEP 1: You’ll want to purchase a roll of paper. This can be anything really, from trace paper to craft paper.. it all works. You’ll need to roll it from each end your gallery wall will hang from. Mine reached from 8 inches into each side of the wall, so we cut it accordingly. You’ll also want to figure out the width of your gallery wall, our paper wasn’t wide enough so we needed to layer one on top of the other to get our final dimensions.

STEP 2: Lay your paper down on an empty and even surface. This is where you will arrange all of your frames how you want them.

Gallery Wall Prep

STEP 3: Using a level or ruler, make sure each frame is straight and trace around it.

STEP 4: You’ll need to measure the distance between your hook and the top of the frame. We measured at 1cm between the frame and where the nail would be. After measuring, place your mark.

STEP 5: Once you’ve finished, place the sheets of paper back onto the wall and measure till straight.

STEP 6: Place your nails into each marker and then pull the sheet off the wall over the nails. If you pull away from the wall you’ll only have holes where your nails were and won’t ruin your sheet in case you need it again.

Gallery Wall Prep 2

VOILA! Your gallery wall is complete! Below is a sneak peek at what it ended up like.


Gallery Wall

Peace hands & Chanel Perfume Bottle - I See Noise Prints
Quotes – Pinterest
Map – Wrapping paper.

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