DIY: Holiday Gift Wrapping

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The holidays are a major time for gift giving and those presents need to be wrapped! I don’t typically enjoy the every-year holiday gift wrapping that’s available in stores and the really nice ones can become quite expensive… just to wrap a present that you’ve already spent so much on. This is where a DIY wrapping comes in. I’m a … Read More

How To: Gallery Wall

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Gallery Wall

With the help of Joanna Kado, my interior designer extraordinaire… I’ve learned the simple ways of putting together my very own gallery wall. Okay, simple is an understatement… it took us 2 hours and that’s not including putting images into the frames! It’s a lengthy process but if you know your steps you can do it quick enough but don’t … Read More

Home Decor Project Phase 2: The Final Product

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A few weeks ago I posted about a set of lamps and table that I purchased from a garage sale with Eric and had planned to repaint and basically overhaul it’s look. Well, it’s finally complete and I am so happy with the final result! While I was sanding down the lamps I was shocked to see the original paint … Read More

>big city, bigger dreams

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>You know the saying “small town, big dreams”? Well, that doesn’t apply to me. I grew up in a city of 600,000 people – most with big dreams. When I was younger I wanted to grow up and be everything including the kitchen sink and sure enough I did everything I didn’t say I wanted to do. As I’m getting … Read More

>DIY Makeup Kit w/ Style

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>Monday night was our girls night in at Tamar’s house and besides all the deserts, cheap television and new clothes was something far more exciting that she had to show us – her newly organized makeup kit! Using a fabric covered box from Winners for $16.99 and plastic zip baggies from the dollar store for $1.50 each this was by … Read More

>Shared Links

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>Thanks to Tess and Brit at Belle Époque 21 I was happy to come across a link they shared on their facebook page which was a fabulous DIY for a chain link bracelet! I knew I had to try it immediately and jetted off to Michaels for all the materials I needed. I got 3 different chains and 2colors of … Read More

>doin it myself

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>As talked about before I’m starting to create my own jewelery and it really is easy and a lot of fun! I’ve found a great bead and accessories store just 5 minutes away walking distance from my apartment and I’ve made it a place I go to on a weekly basis (if time permits). I’ve purchased all the basics that … Read More