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Interview: Adi Lando Makeup Artist for Sephora

Meet Adi Lando – Sephora‘s Makeup Artist for the last decade. I’m thrilled to be sharing my one on one interview with him and made sure that I got all of the goods we wanna know abou ...

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Interview: Adi Lando Makeup Artist for Sephora

Adi Lando Sephora

Meet Adi Lando – Sephora‘s Makeup Artist for the last decade. I’m thrilled to be sharing my one on one interview with him and made sure that I got all of the goods we wanna know about our beauty routines. When I formed these questions, I took them from the thoughts of “What do I want to know about my makeup routine?” as I’m sure many of you share the same one. Let’s get right into it!

1. What do you love about being a makeup artist?
I love the transformational qualities of it all. I have the ability to boost confidence in people. It involves a lot of problem solving – I love when women come in and ask “how do I make my eyes look bigger?” or “how do I contour and highlight?” It’s a great feeling to solve their beauty challenges.

2. In the last decade of working with Sephora - what has been your highlights?
Every day working at Sephora is a highlight for me, from the clients that I meet everyday, to the cast members that I get to work with, who inspire me with their passion. I love the ability to work with different brands all the time and experience the innovative products they come out with. My days are never boring, so I have to say the highlights happen each and every day.

3. Everyone has their favorite products – what are your top 3 must haves for eyes & lips?
My 3 must-have products are mascara, eyeliner and iconic red lipstick. Mascara and eyeliner really shape the entire beauty look, and a red lipstick ties is all together. These are the three items that you can swipe on easily, and look like you’re ready to go.

Adi’s Must Haves: YSL mascaras, Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er precision eyeliner pen and the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick collection has an incredible range of shades, with an innovative formula for 10-hour wear. (Click on product description above to purchase.)

Sephora Makeup 1

4. What products are essential for a quick fix?
I would definitely have to say a good brightening concealer is essential, those click concealers. You can pull them out, apply on the eye area to touch up your makeup after work, and it gives you that refreshed look. Another essential is a cream blush, it gives an instant youthful look to your skin. A nice subtle pink looks good on everyone and on every skin tone.

Adi’s Must Haves: Touche Eclat by YSL or the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen, have great texture, apply very seamlessly, and make great travel companions. (Click on product description above to purchase.)

Other essentials include mascara, to make your eyes pop, and a lipstick or lip gloss to finish off the look.That gives you that fresh, ready-to-go beauty look! These are all products that really fit in your small makeup bag, they’re all mobile products that can go anywhere with you.

5. What are your favorite beauty looks from this seasons runway shows?
I just came back from working New York Fashion Week, and some of the biggest trends we’ve seen this season is eyeliner. We’re seeing a lot of different looks on the eye but done only with liners. Step aside, eye shadow. Eye liner is here to rule the entire lid of the eye. Another thing I love this for this season is very beautiful skin. In many runway shows, the skin was really beautiful and subtle, fresh and light, not overly contoured, and quite natural.

Spring 2015 Runway show makeup trends
6. Do you have any tips and tricks for face contouring?
It’s important to remember that when it comes to countouring, there are different ways to do it; from subtle for daytime to more dramatic for the evening. For everyday, remember to apply delicately with a light bronzer, make sure the shade is not too red, it should be more on the neutral side. The brushes you use to apply are very important – the Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush (#74) is just what you need to highlight your features.

The easy trick if you’re not too savvy with contouring, is to make a “kiss” face and place the bronzer on the hollow of the cheek. It’s really important to blend really well, otherwise the result can look look like bruising!

For evening contouring, you can be more daring when it comes to applying more bronzer to make it more dramatic.

7. What celebrity do you dream to work with?
I get to work with many different celebrities, but in terms of someone I haven’t worked with before, I have to say Penelope Cruz. I love her style of makeup. I’m all about a very pretty, natural style of makeup, so I think we would mesh well.

8. What is your favorite form of social media?
Instagram is my favourite social media tool, it’s very visual, so it’s like an electronic business card! You can post your work and see other people’s work – it’s very inspirational.

Follow Adi on Instagram at @Adi40.

9. What is your favorite Instagram account?
Kat Von D has a great account with a dedicated following, she posts everything from beauty looks to personal images and inspirations.

10. What is one piece of advice my readers can take away from you?
Makeup is about fun, and for that reason, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. However, it requires practice and technique, so if you already take the time to do your makeup, whether it’s five minutes or even one hour, whatever it is you want to spend, make sure you spend it the best way possible. Commit to that time and make it count! No matter what, have fun with it.


Thank you Adi! Your tips and reccos will be noted and used – much appreciated! xoxo

All of the products Adi has recommended will be available at the latest Sephora to hit Vancouver on Robson street at the end of October.

All images taken from Sephora.com & Google images.

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Beauty Essentials: Sephora Forumla X Nail Polish

I have two hands, two feet, 20 nails to paint and 66 bottles of nail polish. That’s a hell of a lot of nail polish! You can imagine how many brands I’ve tried (cheap and expensive) so I’ve gone through a few different types of quality polishes.

What do I look for in a polish? It’s always the coverage. I’ll admit I’m a little impatient with my application so I need a polish that doesn’t need more than 1 coat. You know when you find your perfect shade (mainly the nude family) and it needs a million coats and you’re still not satisfied – that’s just the worst!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out Formula X from Sephora. I was given a bottle in a gift bag and was instantly hooked. I must have an FX radar since then because every polish I’ve complimented on someone else has been from them.

Below are images of two types of polishes from Forumla X. The first is their lacquer finish polish and the second is their matte finish polish.

Grey Nails 2

Grey Nails 4



Grey Nails 3

Can you believe the above images are of only ONE coat? The texture is thicker than most polishes I’ve used which allows the application to set only where you’ve applied it, not dripping across our cuticle creases – a major bonus. The finished product is super shiny and dries in less than a minute. – Extraordinary $13

Nail Polish Bottles

Top to bottom / left to right:

Singularity (matte) | Dark Matter | A Little Sexy
Wonderment (matte) | Fate (matte) | Grand
Extraordinary | Enticing

Purple Nails 1

Purple Nails 2

Purple Nails 4

I’ve used matte coats before and they’ve all been a shame. The heaviness of the polish strips the colored polish you’ve already applied and the finish isn’t the most luxurious looking. The fact that these polishes already include the matte finish is a total nail save! The texture is a little thicker than the other lacquer polishes and the matte shows up almost instantly. – Singularity $TBA


You can find Forumla X polishes exclusively at all of your local Sephora locations or online. Prices start at $13. As always, if you do not want your polish to chip then ensure you are wearing topcoat to protect them.

As of October 31, Vancouver residents will have access to all Formula X polishes at Canada’s largest Sephora store on Robson Street.

Photos by Leonie.

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Scrub – a – dub – dub


TGIF! Today you’re jumping in the shower with me, I hope you’re not shy! I usually don’t use scrubs on my body simply because I don’t know what to look for in terms of what I need for my own skin and imperfections. Luckily, Jealous Body Scrub was kind enough to send me a package of their Coffee + Coconut scrub to test out and the results were hilarious and beneficial.

Obviously, I would test this out with one of my besties so Bria and I stripped down and scrubbed down. We had to dampen our skin and scoop our the grounds to rub them in circular motions on our skin. The fresh feeling of the scrub is almost instant with the harshness of the grounds but the more you scrub, the finer they become and the softer it feels. We let it sit on our bodies for about 5-10 minutes before showering off and our skin was left feeling moisturized, nourished and refreshed.

That was the only time I used it, I’m going to be using it again today. It’s recommended to be used 2-3 times a week for best results but honestly I don’t know if that’s cool for my shower drain. You’re not supposed to let coffee grounds go down your drain let alone from my whole body down my shower….but I suppose that’s what Liquid Plumber is for!

I’m especially intrigued to try this out because the coffee grounds, over time, will reduce the appearance of acne and other marks. Ever since I can remember I would get little breakout areas on my back and most products will irritate it or just dry it out. Even after 1 scrub down I notice a slight difference. I’ll keep you updated after I’ve used an entire package.

Happy scrubbing!





Photos by Bria.

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