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Date Night

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Beauty Essentials: Sephora Forumla X Nail Polish

I have two hands, two feet, 20 nails to paint and 66 bottles of nail polish. That’s a hell of a lot of nail polish! You can imagine how many brands I’ve tried (cheap and expensive) so I ...

It’s Black & White

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Club Monaco top (similar) | Zara pants (similar) | Le Chateau heels (similar) | Madewell bracelet (similar) (click on product details “similar” to shop the look) Currently Listening To: ...

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Beauty Essentials: Sephora Forumla X Nail Polish

I have two hands, two feet, 20 nails to paint and 66 bottles of nail polish. That’s a hell of a lot of nail polish! You can imagine how many brands I’ve tried (cheap and expensive) so I’ve gone through a few different types of quality polishes.

What do I look for in a polish? It’s always the coverage. I’ll admit I’m a little impatient with my application so I need a polish that doesn’t need more than 1 coat. You know when you find your perfect shade (mainly the nude family) and it needs a million coats and you’re still not satisfied – that’s just the worst!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out Formula X from Sephora. I was given a bottle in a gift bag and was instantly hooked. I must have an FX radar since then because every polish I’ve complimented on someone else has been from them.

Below are images of two types of polishes from Forumla X. The first is their lacquer finish polish and the second is their matte finish polish.

Grey Nails 2

Grey Nails 4



Grey Nails 3

Can you believe the above images are of only ONE coat? The texture is thicker than most polishes I’ve used which allows the application to set only where you’ve applied it, not dripping across our cuticle creases – a major bonus. The finished product is super shiny and dries in less than a minute. – Extraordinary $13

Nail Polish Bottles

Top to bottom / left to right:

Singularity (matte) | Dark Matter | A Little Sexy
Wonderment (matte) | Fate (matte) | Grand
Extraordinary | Enticing

Purple Nails 1

Purple Nails 2

Purple Nails 4

I’ve used matte coats before and they’ve all been a shame. The heaviness of the polish strips the colored polish you’ve already applied and the finish isn’t the most luxurious looking. The fact that these polishes already include the matte finish is a total nail save! The texture is a little thicker than the other lacquer polishes and the matte shows up almost instantly. – Singularity $TBA


You can find Forumla X polishes exclusively at all of your local Sephora locations or online. Prices start at $13. As always, if you do not want your polish to chip then ensure you are wearing topcoat to protect them.

As of October 31, Vancouver residents will have access to all Formula X polishes at Canada’s largest Sephora store on Robson Street.

Photos by Leonie.

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Scrub – a – dub – dub


TGIF! Today you’re jumping in the shower with me, I hope you’re not shy! I usually don’t use scrubs on my body simply because I don’t know what to look for in terms of what I need for my own skin and imperfections. Luckily, Jealous Body Scrub was kind enough to send me a package of their Coffee + Coconut scrub to test out and the results were hilarious and beneficial.

Obviously, I would test this out with one of my besties so Bria and I stripped down and scrubbed down. We had to dampen our skin and scoop our the grounds to rub them in circular motions on our skin. The fresh feeling of the scrub is almost instant with the harshness of the grounds but the more you scrub, the finer they become and the softer it feels. We let it sit on our bodies for about 5-10 minutes before showering off and our skin was left feeling moisturized, nourished and refreshed.

That was the only time I used it, I’m going to be using it again today. It’s recommended to be used 2-3 times a week for best results but honestly I don’t know if that’s cool for my shower drain. You’re not supposed to let coffee grounds go down your drain let alone from my whole body down my shower….but I suppose that’s what Liquid Plumber is for!

I’m especially intrigued to try this out because the coffee grounds, over time, will reduce the appearance of acne and other marks. Ever since I can remember I would get little breakout areas on my back and most products will irritate it or just dry it out. Even after 1 scrub down I notice a slight difference. I’ll keep you updated after I’ve used an entire package.

Happy scrubbing!





Photos by Bria.

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Beauty Essentials

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my must have beauty products from the London Drugs Beauty Event that I attended. You can see the last two posts HERE & HERE. For years, I’ve always been the girl to only purchase makeup if it was necessary – if it needed to be replenished. These days I’m more willing to try out all new colors and products and have a little fun with it all!

Today I’m sharing with you my new essentials from Revlon and Tweezerman. Revlon is no stranger to the blog as I’ve shown you many of their products before and I’m thrilled to share with you some new items that I’m currently loving! Before the London Drugs Beauty Event I had never heard of Tweezerman…thank gooooossshh that I was introduced because I have a big fan now. They had started out as a company producing beauty tools for your nails and face – such as clippers and tweezers but now they have entered the world of makeup brushes and the verdict is stellar.

Revlon 2

Revlon 1

Revlon 4

Revlon 3

Lips - Colorstay Moisture Stain 045 New York Scene | 015 Barcelona Nights | 035 Miami Fever
Eyeliner – Skinny Liquid Liner Blackout
Mascara – Bold Lacquer 001 Blackest Black

Over the last few posts it’s pretty apparent that I’m into all different types of lip stains. All of their own reasons and applications. These Revlon stains apply so easily and softly and you won’t over do it. The texture is silky when wet but once it dries you will have that baby on for a full 12 hours… it didn’t even rub off onto my drinking glass!

The liquid liner is pretty great - I would say it’s on par with other liquid liners… the tip is an ideal size for application on my eyes.

Tweezerman 1

Tweezerman 2

The Tweezerman brush game has entered the beauty world with full force and they pretty much hit the ground running. My go to brushes were Quo – as the hairs never fall off. It’s been almost a month that I’ve been using the Tweezerman brushes and no hairs have fallen off and the application is wonderful every time I use them. Cleaning them is also a cinch. I’ve been using the pointed concealer brush for my eye shadow application in the creases of my eyes and it works beautifully.

All of these products can be found at your local London Drugs beauty department.

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