Must Have: Pascual Studio Clutches

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Hornchurch Clutch Black | middle style upon request | Natural (Hover over clutches on image or click above descriptions to purchase) I used to be a collector of accessories. At one point I had an entire room dedicated to my closet and one of those Ikea cube shelves just for my bags and jewelery. I got a little bit carried … Read More

Eyewear Fall Trends w/ Clearly Contacts

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Sometimes I nerd out – sometimes I nerd out hard. Only my closest friends will know this, although I feel it comes out on here sometimes. You’re all onto me! Thanks to Clearly Contacts nerding out can also look sexy – the double up! Today I’m bringing you 4 Fall trends that are rocking the world of eyes and changing … Read More

Geek Chic


3.1 Phillip Lim Chloris Thick Frame Glasses

It’s been a couple of week since I scored these 3.1 Phillip Lim Cloris glasses and the adjustment has been… well, interesting. I may or may not be wearing them as I write this (I’m not. Oops.) But can you blame me? I haven’t worn my reading glasses in so long – which is probably why my eye sight was … Read More

Warm weather accessorizing

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Jcrew Necklace

You’ve read it in my posts before… accessories ALWAYS make an outfit! It can change your outfit from day to night, from casual to dressy and can transform a simple outfit into occasion ready attire. Usually, when Spring comes around I get so excited that I shop for all of my Spring/Summer outfits and then when Summer comes around I’ve … Read More

New In: InPink



We all know that I am a major fan of accessorizing. If you follow me on Instagram, may I remind you of the shots of my accessories table? I  don’t like to have accessories that everyone else has so I try to stay away from the major shops like H&M, Zara and J.Crew but I know sometimes I just can’t … Read More

Mala Imports – Sharing a story and serenity with the west


Mala Bracelets 2

I was first introduced to Mala Imports this past October when I read their article in Framework Magazine. I was in awe of their story about basically taking life by the horns and jumping into an adventure of spreading serenity and healing. Officially started in 2012 but evoked in 2011 by Ashley Wray and Matt Bateman (also now my neighbors!) … Read More

Newest Obsessions



I recently had the pleasure of stopping by Aruhndara in Yaletown to get the lowdown on their latest products. I’ve always been a fan of lotions, hair products, soaps, etc. made of natural ingredients but never know which brands to buy. It was refreshing to get some one on one time with owner Khanita Chakritthakoon as she showed me around … Read More

New In

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I’ve recently gotten my hands on 2 new pieces of jewellery from 2 of my favorite local designers. When I started packing my jewellery from my old place I had to downsize my collection because there would not be enough room for all of it, so I had to pick my favorites. It’s NOT an excuse to add MORE jewellery … Read More

Currently Coveting: Jewellery for Fall

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pink_watercolor copy

I know I shouldn’t say the F word, but I can’t help it. It’s so close and although it’s hot and sunny out I keep thinking of FALL! One of my favorite items to shop for besides fall clothing is the fall accessories. I truly believe that wearing pretty jewelry can remix any outfit and during the cold fall and … Read More

Sparkly Treats

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If you follow me on Instagram or remember my old “Snippets Of My Life Part 6: My Closet” post from ages ago you’ll know that I have quite a large jewellery collection…it’s kind of a problem, but a really pretty one. Lucky for you guys who live in Vancouver I’m selling some of it during the Vancouver Blogger Sale in … Read More