>Feeling Blue

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>Today is my second day of recovery after my tonsil surgery and I’m really feeling it. I thought I would spend more time blogging and tweeting but really I just don’t have the energy to do so. I haven’t spoke a lick of English since yesterday at 10am and have to communicate to everyone around me through Microsoft Word because … Read More

>Blogger Clothing Sale

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>Pencil myself and all of your other favorite bloggers in on March 17 from 12pm -4pm because we want to dress you in all of our clothing!! Myself and a long list of other bloggers in Vancouver will be setting up shop at The Waldorf Hotel for 4 hours to let you all dive right into our clothes, shoes, bags … Read More

>The Oscars at Cinema Public House

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>Today is the day! It’s the 84th Annual Academy Awards and all I really care about is who’s wearing what!? I don’t really watch award shows…I feel secondary embarrassment during acceptance speeches and poorly constructed (extremely awkward) jokes. However, I seem to always watch the Oscars! Tonight I will be spending my time at Cinema Public House with a few … Read More

>prepping for surgery

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>Happy Weekend! I bet you guys have some big plans this weekend, huh? I do too! I also have to cram everything on my to-do list in 3 days (which would take about 5 days) and drive all around Vancouver to do them! I’m going into surgery on Tuesday morning to have my tonsils removed (nooooooo!!!)and will be outta commission … Read More

>Snowy Yellow

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>I’m in a bit of an odd mood today. I’m dressed completely in black and tan with touches of silver (which is rare). There is a snow storm happening outside of my windows. As I’m putting together today’s Look Of The Day all I can gravitate towards are cheerful pop of color and Summer silhouettes. My mind doesn’t really know … Read More

>6 squares of a weekend

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> It’s back to the Monday grind for most of you – I have a ton to do this week. It’s a big hard to prioritize so many to-dos throughout the weekdays but luckily I have my pretty “Things To Do” list that keeps me on track! I got accepted to partake in the Portebello West Market March 24-25 to … Read More

>CB2 Grand Opening

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> From left to right: Alicia, Melissa, Cara, myself – a full store – cozy livingroom – the most awesome light fixture – desert tower – candleabras – bar stool – geometric print seat. Last Friday marked the grand opening of CB2 on Robson street and I must say, this was very long awaited! For the first time in a long … Read More

>Crossing the lines

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>This look is a little bit out of the ordinary for me. Typically I would gravitate towards all of these items except for the maxi skirt. Once I saw it, I had the entire outfit figured out. This outfit took me outside of my comfort zone and is still set on my inpsiration for the Spring transition outfit.  I particularily … Read More

>Shopping Finds – first time items

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>Ever tell yourself you’re not going to shop, and yet, without fail you purchase more than you intended? How about when you tell yourself you’re not gonna shop – and you don’t! But then a week goes by and you say “I’ve been good” so you purchase something, and yet, without fail you end up in a downward spiral of … Read More