>5 days!

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> Last item to cross off – Aldo sandals $35 Yup! 5 days! I only have 3 more shifts at work within thoes 9 days which will make it go by so much faster!!! It will also be time for my hand to heel after I sliced it so bad – I take the stitches out ONE DAY BEFORE I … Read More

>Snipits of my life: Part 3 – My Accessories

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>My Jewelery | Jewelery to me is the cream cheese icing on top of my life! I’m a big collector of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and anything that I can turn into each of thoes. I have been collecting since I was in highschool and failed to stop (its especially difficult when you work at Club Monaco, and NEED everything). … Read More

>doin it myself

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>As talked about before I’m starting to create my own jewelery and it really is easy and a lot of fun! I’ve found a great bead and accessories store just 5 minutes away walking distance from my apartment and I’ve made it a place I go to on a weekly basis (if time permits). I’ve purchased all the basics that … Read More

>Snipits of my life: Part 2 – My bag

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>Always be prepared. The traditional scout motto… and no, I was never a scout I just like to always be prepared. Which is why I like to carry EVERYTHING in my bag!! A typical fill would include: 1. iPhone 2. Wallet 3. Moleskin notebook 4. Club Monaco Sunglasses 5. Club Monaco Umbrella (you never know living in Vancouver) 6. Home … Read More

>22 days

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>Its only 22 days until Lyndsey, Melissa and myself are headin off to the desert and the search still goes on until my shopping list is complete! I’ve decided to remove some items from the list after brining out all of my summer clothes and realizing that I do infact own… a lot. Latest Purchases to check off the list, … Read More

>Sunny times call for sunny purchases

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>Due to the warm turn of the weather I’ve been adding in brighter pieces to my wardrobe. I have my coral clutch from Zara but it isn’t the most appropriate bag for all ocassions. During a recent trip to Forever 21 I came across this mustard yellow bag that I can use for thoes brights days and outfits :)