>Holiday Brights

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>Today’s post is about brights! Whether you find it difficult to add color into your wardrobe or just need some inspiration, today’s post is for you. I just recently wrote an article for Kenton Magazine on how to wear bright colors in the colder seasons. To get some quick tips check out the article HERE. For Christmas, Eric’s parents gifted … Read More

>Shopping Finds – Boxing Day

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>I hope everyone is still enjoying their holiday – only 3 more days until we get to countdown to the new year! For us Canadians Boxing Day was just 2 days ago and it’s equivalent to Black Friday in the US. When I was younger I wouldn’t miss a boxing day and had to go to every mall with my … Read More

>Merry Christmas!

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>Don’t you love the lop-sided tree, non-organized ornaments and presents covering the whole bottom and fireplace? Lol I do! That’s Christmas at my parents house in a nutshell. There are even presents tucked under the tree that you can’t see, so many! Merry Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and having a blasty blast with your family … Read More

>Spreading the joys of Christmas

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>Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I’m extremely excited about today I’m having a big family dinner at my aunts house tonight and will be stuffing my face full of my dad’s homemade Baklava! There is a lot to be thankful for this holiday and I could go on and on about what they may be but I would like to share … Read More

>the clocks are ticking

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>Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Can you believe it?! I’m extremely excited and have to say I don’t even know what I’m going to wear just yet. I bet a lot of you are on the same page and are going to get dressed under the time crunch that is the 6 o’clock dinner parties. I saw my mom’s New Year’s … Read More

>Tiny Treasures

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>Today’s post is about the smaller items in your space that make the biggest difference. I’m a big fan of little treasures that have no use but sparkle and shine in your home – they add a touch of positivity! I wanna share with you my “Treasure Table”. Throughout my entire space I have the little favorite items like crystal … Read More

>Bright skin for the holidays

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> During the holidays you end up being the suspect of tons of family photos and holiday party photos with friends and of course choosing the perfectly cut dress for new years that may show off your back. You wouldn’t choose to show off red spots on your face or caked on makeup and even blemishes on your back from … Read More

>Holiday Gift Giving – The Swag Box

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>A few weeks ago I had given you all the idea for a fun type of gift-giving – The Swag Bag! You can see the post HERE. I had decided that it was a great idea for me to follow as well and created 2 swag bags for my girlfriends for Christmas. Instead of using bags I found great gold … Read More