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The Unprecedented.

Stickin’ It & Stuck On You

Joe Fresh dress | Hive Mind Millinery fascinator | Le Chateau shoes | French Connection clutch Currently listening to: I Remember Shelter – The XX vs. Deadmau5 & Kaskade This week’s ou ...

Closet Confessions: David Vallance & Fiona Hunter of Artizia

This month’s Closet Confessions is very different from the other past features. Instead of showcasing one of Vancouver’s talents, I’m sharing two! I would like to introduce to you, D ...

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Melissa Araujo dress | Adidas shoes | Zara bag | Topshop sunglasses Currently listening to: Pierce Fulton – Runaway I’m so thrilled to be sharing these images with you all! Last week I was ...

Beauty Essentials

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my must have beauty products from the London Drugs Beauty Event that I attended. You can see the last two posts HERE & HERE. For years, I’ve a ...

Beauty Essentials

Last week I shared with you my must have beauty products from Lise Watier and Almay and today we’ll take a look at more from Annabelle, NYX & Prestige. Like I had mentioned in last week̵ ...

Plot Twist

J.Crew top | Shorts from Thailand | Payless heels | Lia Sophia bracelet | Topshop sunglasses Currently Listening To: Marco Demark feat Casey Barnes – Tiny Dancer (Deadmau5 Vocal Mix) It seems as ...

Stickin’ It & Stuck On You


Joe Fresh dress | Hive Mind Millinery fascinator | Le Chateau shoes | French Connection clutch

Currently listening to: I Remember Shelter – The XX vs. Deadmau5 & Kaskade

This week’s outfit post is a special one. Saturday was Vancouver’s biggest social event of the summer, The Deighton Cup! Remember my outfit from last year? I decided to tone down the color… majorly. Instead of dressing in brights I opted in for this pretty black 20′s inspired dress from Joe Fresh. I felt like it was keeping with the theme of the races. If you didn’t get a chance to go this year – go next year. Round up your closest friends, dress up, have a few drinks and spend the day in the sunshine. I wasn’t going to go this year but why turn down a chance to dress up with my girls and point out every guy I’ve swiped no to on Tinder? A Saturday kind of doesn’t get any better!

Speaking of Tinder, the last we left off on here I had told you I rescheduled a date with a previous Tinder fella before I met the guy who needs to be single. Well, I went on the date.

The American Coder Who Likes To Go Dutch

The weather that day was beautiful but unfortunately it was so hot that there was no way I was walking from my apartment to Chinatown. I hopped on the bus and by the time I made my way to Hastings street – about 10 minutes in – my nerves got the best of me and my anxiety kicked in full force. I sort of hate first dates because of my nerves. This one especially had me on high alerts because of the unknown. Since I don’t have a Tinder account anymore I don’t have access to his profile. Essentially, this was a blind date considering I had forgotten what he looked like or anything that we had spoken about. I had to call Bria and luckily she was armed with our advice giving friend Terrence who made me yell out loud in the streets of Chinatown “I’M A ROCKSTAR!” because I was going to crush this date. Thanks T!

I got to Matchstick Coffee Roasters a little early and waited for him to show up from work. Once he arrived I had this “Ahh..” moment where he was way cuter than I remember and what seemed a little nervous, perhaps? Even if he wasn’t what I thought was his nerves made me feel a little bit better. We ordered our drinks and sat down. I gotta say though… I was a little shocked that he didn’t offer to get me my tea. I know he doesn’t have to but I just went from going on dates with a guy who wouldn’t let me pay for anything to someone who didn’t think to spend $3.50 on a tea for me.

We sat down and chatted for about an hour or so. We had lots to talk about as we’re both working in the field of design and web. He has some fun projects ahead at work and I really enjoyed hearing about them. Creative & business talk always gets me buzzing since my mind never shuts off and I like to think of myself as something of a Marketing machine.

He’s a very interesting man. He moved to Vancouver from Seattle and works with his friends at their own web development company. Funny enough… he worked about 3 doors down from me when I was contracted at Gold Lemon Creative. Small world!

Once we finished our drinks we decide to grab a bite nearby and headed to Pizza Farina on Main Street. We grabbed a pizza and two sodas to go and walked to the grass area at Science World. Okay, once again… maybe I’m just a little high maintenance these days or my standards have gone up but when it came to payment for the pizza I felt totally uncomfortable… I had made an effort to pay for the pizza by saying “I only have my debit card on me” when I saw he had cash – you know, casually throwing it out there. That was in the hopes he would say “Oh don’t worry, I got this.” He responded with “Oh, I only have cash and no change.” My face must have gone through stages of about 6 iMessage emoticons before the lady at the till told him she can give him change. We put the entire bill on my card and he paid me cash for his half. I think I just see this all as a very friendly thing to do – not so much with someone you’re taking on a date. (After talking to my girlfriends we’ve come to the conclusion that it was his way of sticking it to me for canceling on the first date. Since I had asked him to go on this one – he didn’t need to offer to pay…thoughts?)

Regardless of all of that, I had such a lovely time with him as we enjoyed the pizza. It was a wonderful setting – along the seawall in front of the water and watching the sunset while discussing movies, music, our favorite decades, design and much more.

I think our evening together lasted just over 3 hours before we split. I told him I would be in his area during the week and he said he wanted to see me again soon – promising right? I thought so too. We spoke a little the next day and eventually he just stopped responding and I never heard from him again. Honestly though… it’s totally fine.. even though I would have liked to see him again to feel it out it was way too soon for me to go on a date with someone else. I still have feelings for the last guy so I guess this is just all a part of the process.








 Photos by Bria.

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Closet Confessions: David Vallance & Fiona Hunter of Artizia

This month’s Closet Confessions is very different from the other past features. Instead of showcasing one of Vancouver’s talents, I’m sharing two! I would like to introduce to you, David Vallance and Fiona Hunter. They have to be one of those most stylish couples I’ve ever met… I’m always wanting what they’re wearing. Both David and Fiona work for Aritzia and have the balance between Design and Finance.

David carries the title of Junior Womenswear Designer for the brand Community - a line for the active lifestyle. It’s one of my favourite lines at Aritiza as it’s a lot of essentials with a twist. You can find Fiona crunching numbers in their Accounts Payable department. The two met while working as Visual Merchandisers at Zara and moved to Vancouver on January 2013 from Edinburgh, Scotland – so read their quote with accents… it’s what I did.

I was introduced to the two almost one year ago by Sharday. When I met them, I knew I would adore them! They have such a wonderful vibe, easy to talk to, always laughing and trust me… they know their fashion. Although I love my black, white and grey, Fiona inspires me to wear patterns  and even though David is wearing menswear I want everything he has on.

But, enough talk! Kate Williams once again brings us into another amazing closet with her photographs. Thanks to David and Fiona for having Kate and I over and snapping some pics.



“Colour doesn’t really exist in my wardrobe, almost everything is black, grey or white. Denim is about as colourful as it gets! These are my favourite jeans from Topshop (blown-out knee added by me!)”


Closet1 copy

Pic 2 - “Linen t-shirts are my staple. These H&M and T by Wang styles are the best out there.”
Pic 3 - “Chelsea boots are a must have in any guys wardrobe. These Saint-Laurent-esque boots were a steal from Zara!”


“I tend to keep accessories to a minimum…but I’m never without my Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff. Also, who doesn’t own a pair of Raybans?”

Closet3 copy

Closet2 copy



“One of the reasons we chose this apartment was the extra room for my clothes! I’m a little bit of a hoarder, you never know when something will come back into fashion! Here I’m wearing a cotton/ linen boyfriend shirt from Aritzia-Community (supporting the bfs brand). It’s a must have I bought it in three colours!”


Closet4 copy

Pic 3 - “I have a huge collection of statement necklaces. These are my current favourites- I have so many that I have to rotate them monthly! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring all my handbags when I moved to Vancouver, it was very tough but i just brought four favourites. Displayed here is my classic black Marc by Marc Jacobs day bag and my Mulberry over-sized gold clutch for the evenings.”

“My three favourite things…Vogue, Friends & Phillip Lim shoes!”

Closet copy

“Clearly I have a love for snake print shoes, these are just a few! My style is quite minimal so i like to add a little fun with a statement shoe.”

Closet5 copy

Pic 2 - “I am always drawn to the Aritzia Community brand. Everything is minimal and easy to wear. Great for layering! Community garment dyed tank pictured here with my favourite Urban Outfitters necklace.”


“Searching for awesome vintage finds is one of my favourite things about fashion. This oversize silver t-shirt was a great steal from my gran. I love this floral kimono from Topshop. Definitely trying to channel the 70′s bohemian vibe!”



All photos by Kate Williams.


Follow David & Fiona on Instagram as they live their new lives in Vancouver at @DavidVallance & @FionaHunter1

Follow Kate on her photography ventures on Instagram & Twitter at @Adore_Imagery as well as Facebook.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me


Melissa Araujo dress | Adidas shoes | Zara bag | Topshop sunglasses

Currently listening to: Pierce Fulton – Runaway

I’m so thrilled to be sharing these images with you all! Last week I was shot by the incredible Sabrina Fenster and Jeremy Levy of Street Scout – a Vancouver based street style site showcasing some of Canada’s most fashionable. Street Scout has just launched a new series showcasing Bloggers and to kick it off check out their first feature on myself! I had such a blast shooting with them and will be showing you our second outfit in the next couple of weeks. To see more shots from this outfit click HERE.

If you’ve been following me on social media then you know I’ve become a big fan of Melissa Araujo – a local, Brazilian born fashion designer. I’ll be talking more about her in the outfit post mentioned above. In the meantime, check out her pieces HERE.


Last week I didn’t post an outfit and in turn didn’t post about what’s been going on with my dates. The last we spoke I had shared that I was no longer seeing three hunks but was spending my time focused on one. It was going great. We saw each other just about every second day and things were on track. He had introduced me to his friends during a weekend birthday barbeque and I gotta say – I totally hit it off with them! Best friend seal of approval – successful.

As each day came and gone that we spent together I grew to have stronger feelings for him and always looked forward to our dates. It was all going perfect and according to plan. Last weekend he decided to throw a wrench into the gears that were moving forward and tell me he no longer wanted to see me. Say whaaaaaaat?!

Shocked. In Awe. Speechless. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn’t see it coming from a mile away. The way he started it too “I’m glad you asked if I was seeing anyone else because I’ve given it some thought and…” That sentence could literally go either way and it went the route of him wanting to be single for longer. I was so stunned when it happened – in person may I add – he came over to tell me – he felt awful and told me he really likes me and this makes it hard for him but he doesn’t want to regret jumping into a relationship if he wasn’t ready. I didn’t have enough time to gather my thoughts before I walked him out the door. The minute the door closed I cried. I gathered my thoughts and texted him what I wish I had said in person. Our conversation was smooth and he answered all of my questions with genuine responses.

After being in only one, ten year relationship in his 27 years and being single for a year he wants and needs more time to be single and be selfish. Convenient timing seeing as how hes going on a guys trip this week for a few weeks. I completely understood where he was coming from but it totally sucked. It was such a shitty feeling but I’m glad we can stay friends.

The last thing I wanted to let myself do was sulk and go through the “is it me?” waves so not even 24 hours later I picked up my phone and made a date with another guy who I had cancelled on because funny enough – I met the guy above. We have a date on Wednesday.

I bounce back quick.







Photos by Jeremy Levy.

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